AoL GS Application

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AoL GS Application

Post by Franck on Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:18 pm

We search GS Lights, please be sure to apply.

And we need a few information about you :

-What is your Character Name ?
-What is your age?
-How much time do you spend in game each Day ?
-Where are you from + Time Zone?
Italy GMT+01:00
-Do you have GS experience ?
-What does being a GS mean to you ?
Being GS has important resposibilities, u need to help new and old players not because i haveto but because i want to.To prevent further chaos,if that is going to happen.
-What languages do you speak ?
Italian,French,a little English.
-Do you use Skype, if yes what is your Skype Name ?


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