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Server Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:06 pm

Hello and Welcome Purge Players!

The following rules are designed to help you to learn the basic experience on this Shaiya server. To ensure a smooth cooperation as possible, it is necessary that all players are ought to abide with the following:

1. General Rules

Any offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar, sexist, obscene, hateful, racial, ethnic or questionable language or behavior (character named included) will face severe punishment such as temporal or permanent ban.

Multiaccounts and dualbot is allowed, but only under certain conditions.
- It may not be used during an Event / PvP Raid
- Can't be used to farm a boss for own personal gain
- You cannot use it for PvE farming

2. Insults are not welcome!

Insults are not welcome in our game. This also includes any form of harassment, defamation, incitement, and the alike.
It does not change when a self-censorship is carried out such as you A **** or% & ยง !. Also calls for boycotts against other players and guilds doing so is prohibited.
We want a decent tone with each other.

Any insults forwarded to Pruge Staff will result in a permanent punishment for the player. There's no recovery from such action, therefore it's advised player think before they act or speak.

3. Always use the Ticket Support

Don't call for GM's or ADM's in game, you have a better chance to simply write a ticket on the website and send it directly to the Staff. (coming soon!)

4. Behavior

Be friendly towards other players, whether they insulted you or not.

The threatening or blackmailing of other players will not be tolerated. If you believe that one of the players does not follow the server rules, then report it to Pruge team right away.

Please behave yourselves friendly to newcomers of the game.
Everyone started as newbies, not knowing anything. Treat each player as you yourself would like to be treated as a newcomer.

5. Chat in game

Spam is prohibited, meaning repeatedly writing the same thing over and over again(in a short time lapse).
Refrain from using Caps Lock. It's perceived as yelling, rude and even offensive.
Any Internet links or notes which have nothing to do with Shaiya, is prohibited.
Moreover, that is asking for cheats, hacks, bugs, exploits or bots is banned.
The official language on the Shaiya server is English. Keep it that way.

6. Grief-Play (interference with other players by unwanted play)

Other players may not be deliberately disturbed by their own way of playing.
In contrast to the general rules of behavior, this point concerns the application of game methods, which may represent an extreme disturbance or nuisance to other players.
This includes, for example, the "training" (monsters on other players go, that they die) or the pulling into a boss-opponent who is in combat with other players, with the intention to regenerate hitpoints of Bosses.
Pure PvP relevant things are not directly affected by these rules, for example, another player repeatedly killing is not considered Grief-play (but also noted this point Exploiting / use of game mechanics).

7. Impersonation of Pruge Staff

It is not allowed to impersonate an employee of Pruge Staff.
Also "jokingly" intentioned statements excluded.

8. Bug using

The exploitation of bugs is not allowed. This will destroy the game and the game. If you find a mistake in the game, please share this with our support team.

9. Exploiting / use of game mechanics

The game mechanics and potential weaknesses in the game may not be used for unfair or unintended actions.
This concerns, for example, the masses of farms of kills in PvP through collusion (Stat padding for example) and other methods to gain an unfair and unwarranted advantage in the game.

10. Cheating & Bots

The change of the game client is not allowed. Moreover, any illegal software is not permitted (including hacks or cheats) to use and thus to gain an unfair advantage.
The players are prohibited to manipulate data that are sent from or to the Shaiya server, decrypt, hack or manipulate.

11. Account data

Any loss of items/gear within the server will not be returned. If you lost it, then there's a possible reason it was your fault. GMs will not compensate your loss with new stuff, so players are advised to take care of their stuff and accouns - carefully!

Each player is responsible for his own account, including the account of the game does not fall into the hands of third-party.
If passing or insufficient backup, no substitute is provided due to negligence for any lost items / characters.
Any concerns regarding any of the accounts to any other type of consideration is not permitted.

12. GM Help

Game Masters are not here to give you money or buffs. They will not hold anything for you, help you in leveling or spawn monsters.
It's not allowed to invite GMs to a party/raid or guild. Exceptions are possible in the context of an event!

13. Purchase / sale of virtual items and links to sites of third-party services

The exchange, seek or give away of accounts, and beg of game money, items or level groups in public channels is undesirable.
This can lead to a temporary or permanent ban (ban) from the game.

14. Bugs and errors in the game

Bugs and errors in the game have to be reported to an employee of Pruge.
Exploiting a match error is prohibited.
This can lead to a temporary or permanent ban from the game.
14.1. Acquiring a Wish pets or a successful bid Wish pets only counts for the Acc who purchased this, should someone buy use of other clients or other this Pets act on other Acc will be deleted without notice for any reason!

15. Incitement

Each of the one or more players induces the commission of violating rules, risking a permanent removal from the game.

16. Powers

In case of dispute, in case of doubt or similar situations employee Pruge has the last word.
In extreme cases, we reserve the right to make decisions, without giving reasons for this.

17. Complaints about Pruge Team

If there are complaints about individual Pruge member for their decisions, please write a ticket to the support team.
Refrain from using ironies or sarcasms when doing so. Remain as neutral as possible and without insulting words.

18. Foreign advertising for other servers will result in immediate ban.

During events it is NOT allowed to use several raids, unless a raid is full, then the next opens.
The raids are generally (and should be) placed in team order gain. It is ALL players allowed in a MM Raid to join and attend the MM. The level does not matter, unless there is a PvP event, because it is better that all are at least level 70th
Follow the Raid announcements, otherwise it could lead to your exclusion of the raid.

Notes on special play areas:

The following areas are not specified by the rules, but are controlled by the game mechanics themselves. However, we reserve the right also to intervene in cases of deliberate exploitation or intentional interference with other players and if necessary to impose Account Lockout.

1. Kill Stealing
Each of us wants to level up and play without interference. Do not steal monsters from other players. It can sometimes happen that you accidentally attack a monster, and a mage may use a spell, but you are ought to stop yourself.
Speak first with the other players, whether an agreement is possible otherwise. Please again keep the nice tone.

2. PvP areas (Maps)
* Once you enter areas where PvP is possible, there is a risk of death for your character. PvP areas (Maps)
war regions, where the death of characters is omnipresent.
* There is secure selected areas in these fields guards and towers.
We provide no substitute in the loss of a character or equipment! - If players manage to get past the guards, a violation exists !!).
* Safe zones and base areas - in these players may not be attacked! It is also forbidden to enter or attack behind the guards.
Anyone going "AFK" should find a safe spot away from the PvP areas, for your own safety.
Every "trick" to get around this is considered by us as exploiting a bug in the game mechanics to their advantage and constitutes a breach of the guidelines.
* PvP areas (maps) in Shaiya are Proelium, Cantabilian, D-Water + both Dungeons (D1 / D2), Deep Desert 1 and 2, Stable Erde (Jungle map), Sky City, Caelum Sacra, Kanos Illium
* Agreement with the opposing faction to the detriment of his own party are prohibited. *
* The Multi Log in PVP areas is prohibited and shall be punished with severe punishment
* Bypassing the guards is prohibited and punished with immediate day ban 2.
* The forts as Raigo Castle, Kars Castle, the portals and their platforms within all dungeons are to be regarded as security zones.
It is forbidden to kill (Spawnkill). Also Invisibility to enter the castles or Agility Benefits to use are prohibited!
It is recommended players keep the Continuous Recurrection Rune active when entering PvP areas. Likewise, the loss of equipment will not be replaced, asset protection is to use here.
Pruge assumes no liability or redress for cases of the death of a character! That is the main core of this rule! This is in all PvP areas the rule!
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