Styraxx GS application

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Styraxx GS application

Post by Styraxx on Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:52 am

I am Karol. I play Shaiya 8 years. I will said that I am quite experienced. I was pro killer on OS on Lailah server (over 500k kills through 4 years)

-What is your Character Name?
My main Character name is Styraxx.

-What is your age?
I am 19 years old.

-How much time do you spend in game each day?
In May i got mature exam so now I play especially on weekends Smile But after that I will play all day.

-Where are you from + Time Zone?
I am from Poland and my time zone is +1 GTM (Warsaw)

-Do you have GS experience?
Yes I do. I was GS on many server like Shaiya Unity (2012), Shaiya Assassin, Shaiya TheOne (but not as name of this character),
Shaiya Marvel, Shaiya InterSport..... etc.
I although was tagged on OS and helped stuff improve the game.

-What does being a GS mean to you?
Being GS it means help new players, give them info or good advise how to start easier. It is also being communicative, friendly and
help improve the game. If you are communicative = people will play more.

-What languages do you speak?
I speak Polish, English well.

-Do you use Skype, if yes what is your Skype Name?
Yes I do.
Name: Adikmaster007

Best wishes,


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