Shaiya Pruge Reloaded EP6.4

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Shaiya Pruge Reloaded EP6.4

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:11 am

You must Download the new Client to Play Shaiya Pruge! We did many fixes on this Server. Lapis can be farmed faster, Enchantment cost is lower than before. Dimensional Crack Bosses have better droprate, New wings added for AP in Item Mall and much more. I hope we will see you again on Shaiya Pruge! For all players who are coming back to Shaiya Pruge and stay here, you will get 10,000 AP for Free! (Only active Players will get it!). No Items/Chars are Deleted!

Dimi Crack Boss: 70% Drop Rate - all 10h
Lapise: Lapise can be farmed faster as before, 50-70%
Lapisa: 1x Enhcant cost now 1.000.000 Gold before 2.500.000 Gold.
Other: New Gears,Weapons,Wings (Cape - 15.000 AP in Item Mall) and new Action House.

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